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Quick links to MIID policies, tax info, and privacy documents


Click a button below to go to the corresponding page for more information.

Policies Page

Mayne Island Improvement District policy(s) & procedure(s) are available for your perusal here. Also refer to bylaws for other matters of interest and governance.

Tax Info

The Provincial Government, Ministry of Finance collects the taxes for the Fire Protection portion on behalf of local governments, but the local government (Mayne Island Improvement District) must collect the taxes for the Health Centre which includes the heliport. The annual invoice you receive from the Mayne Island Improvement District is a Tax Notice based on information received from the BC Assessment Authority.

Useful Internet Links

Links are provided for your convenience as these relate to the many agencies and government the Mayne Island Improvement District is governed by. Additional Mayne Island links are included as a convenience for Island residents.

Privacy & FOIPPA

The Mayne Island Improvement District‘s website is not an official statement of Improvement District policy, law, practice, services, or procedure and should not be construed as such. It is intended only to supply general information about the Improvement District.

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