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Tax Certificate Request Form

Generally, Tax Certificates are purchased by law firms, banks and mortgage companies in association with property sales or when a mortgage is being approved for a property. A Tax Certificate may also be required for refinancing purposes.

The fee for a tax certificate request will be $25.00. This fee covers the cost of providing the certificate which shows information on the property tax roll including current owner, assessment information (assessed value of land and improvements), levy information and any outstanding balances.


We will accept payments by cheque only for this service. Tax Certificates will typically be issued within 48 hours of receiving your Tax Certificate Request Form. Please ensure your request form is completed accurately as refunds cannot be provided.

If you wish to cancel a tax certificate request, the cancellation request must be placed before 4:30pm on the same day as the original request. Please email the cancellation request to

Your request has been submitted

Mayne Island Improvement District

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