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The MIID is a board of five elected trustees. It has been established by Letters Patent issued by the Province of British Columbia in 1964 and 1983 through enabling legislation contained in Part 23 of the Local Government Act. The MIID is empowered to levy taxes to support the provisions of fire protection, garbage collection and the operation of the Mayne Island Health Centre "and all matters incidental thereto".

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Board meetings are held monthly in the multipurpose room at the Fire Hall at 1pm. The next Board meeting is:

March 24th

April 19th - AGM 

April 21st

May 19th


February 21st, 2020

MIID posted a Request for Proposals on BC Bid and that has now closed. The Board was not satisfied with the response and has therefore decided to amend the Request for Proposals and advertise the revised request next week on BC Bid and The updated Request for Proposals will be open for no longer than two weeks, after which the Board will provide an update.

2020 AGM

SUNDAY - APRIL 19th - 1:00 PM

YE 2019 - 56th Annual General Meeting 

The Improvement District will hold its Annual General Meeting Sunday, April 19th, at 1:00 PM in the meeting room at the Fire Hall, 520 Felix Jack Rd. At the AGM, two (2) Trustees must be elected to serve a three (3) year term. To nominate someone to serve on the Board, a nomination form must be completed by the nominator and the candidate. The form may be delivered to the MIID office at the Fire Hall. Nomination forms will be available at the Fire Hall and soon. For further information, please contact Katherine Somerville, Corporate Administrative Officer, Mayne Island Improvement District at 250-539-5116.

Update - Garbage Collecton

January 20, 2020

In November the Mayne Island Improvement District (MIID) received a letter from Islands Trust requesting a long-term solution to garbage collection on Mayne Island. In response to this letter and the current lapse in garbage collection service on island, the District has resolved to begin the provision of garbage collection and disposal as described in the Letters Patent, section 3.


MIID has posted a Request for Proposals on BC Bid and In addition to this MIID has entered into lease negotiations with the owner of an appropriately zoned property and intends to provide the successful applicant with 4 parking stalls to park and store their garbage collection vehicles. This action will involve a small parcel tax to all properties on Mayne Island as well as a fee for service for those who use the service. The Board believes this is a reasonable, cost-effective method of taxation to ensure garbage collection is provided on the island.


The successful applicant will be announced at the February 18th public board meeting at the Fire Hall (1pm). We anticipate weekly garbage collection service to be in place shortly thereafter. If you have any questions or concerns please either attend the meeting in person or call the MIID office at 250-539-5116.


Board of Trustees,

Mayne Island Improvement District

Heliport Tree Removal

August 26th, 2019

Mayne Island Improvement District wishes to thank the Beer family for agreeing to the removal of trees located along the Heliport flight path. The removal of these trees on the Beer property beside the Health Centre and Heliport ensures compliance with the Heliport specifications and provides for continued safe Heliport operations.


Thank you Dan & Linda!

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